The Cast


The documentary chronicles the Arab-American experience through interviews with prominent Arab-Americans. The interviews highlight the diversity of Arab-American contributions, experiences, backgrounds and faiths. Some of the Arab-Americans we’ve interviewed are:


Fatina Abdrabboh
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Gen. John Abizaid
Gen Abizaid_headshot_highres

Retired US Army General, former Commander of the United States Central Command (CENTCOM).

Jamie Farr
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Actor, philanthropist

Malek Jandali
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Composer, pianist.

Philip Kayal, PhD
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Professor of sociology and anthropology.

Sen. George Mitchell
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Former United States Senator from Maine, Senate Majority Leader, Diplomat, Businessman.

Ralph Nader
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Consumer advocate, activist, presidential candidate, author, lecturer and attorney.

Dean Obeidallah

Comedian, CNN Contributor.

Bobby Rahal
Bobby Rahall_headshot_highres

American racing legend.

Anthony Shadid
Anthony Shadid_headshot_highres

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, foreign correspondent for the New York Times & Washington Post. Anthony Shadid passed away on February 16, 2012 as he was fleeing Syria while reporting on the Syrian uprising. Please see our In Memoriam page.  Anthony was a good friend to this project and we remember him fondly.

Helen Thomas
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Maysoon Zayid

Comedian, actress, activist.

Congressman Nick Rahall


US House of Representatives, 1977 – 2015

John Zogby

Political pollster and founder of the Zogby Poll, opinion leader and author.

Andy Shallal

Andy Shallal

Restaurateur and philanthropist

Helen Samhan, PhD


Executive Director, Arab American Institute Foundation

Jo Ann Byrnes

jo ann

Social Worker

Rev. Basil Koory


Pastor, St. George Antiochian Cathedral

Cherrefe Kadri


Council Member, Islamic Center of Greater Toledo

Suri Kassier


Founder/President of Kasirer Consulting in New York City

Jack G. Shaheen, PhD


Author & Lecturer