Status Updates: Fall 2013

Posted by on Sep 16, 2013 in Status Updates


Hello to all of our supporters; we hope you had a great summer. As we move into the colder weather over here in New Jersey, we want to give you all a better picture of where we’re at and when you can expect to see this incredible documentary. It’s been a long, exciting road, and we’re now in the home stretch.

First off, at this point we have completed almost ALL of our interviews! The final one we have planned is with Helen Samhan, the Executive Director of The Arab American Institute in Washington, DC. We’re going to be meeting with her later this month, and we’ll keep you updated on this trip and talk. This interview is expected to be a perfect compliment to the lineup we already have and Ms. Samhan’s experiences and activism will lend even more power to this film.

Second, with the exception of this upcoming interview, we currently have all our footage, documents, and other media in order, sitting pretty in a hard drive on our desk, just waiting to be shipped out for editing. Our editor, Anthony Ladesich, has won two Emmy awards and runs Mile Deep Films and Television out in Kansas City. We’re happy to have him on board, and can’t wait to see what he can create from our footage.

And finally, we’ve done some reworking of our social media sites. Now you can find us on Facebook and YouTube via those links.

Thanks so much for supporting us this far, and we’ll check back in again soon!